Sunday, April 16, 2017

easter 2017

to me, easter is more than just eggs and a rabbit. it's a time when i remember jesus christ, the prince of peace who died for each of us. i am grateful today and always.

easter is such a wonderful time of the year. it is when we celebrate the resurrection of jesus christ, after he gave his life so that we may live again. each year the church releases a video about easter and as usual this years one did not disappoint... please go and have a look at the prince of peace video available on youtube here.

our day started with an egg hunt and breakfast with dougs parents at our house... 

i love hearing the squeals of laughter as they race around the backyard trying to beat each other to the little coloured eggs. so cute!

cutest kid everrrrrrrr

i'd say they did pretty well!

church was great, with some fantastic talks about easter and musical items. what a blessing it is to be part of such a great church! i feel lucky every single day, but especially at times like this. 

then off to my mums for dinner, where we celebrated not only easter, but this little monkey jonas (my brother aarons little boy) who turned 3 on friday. they arrived yesterday to spend a few weeks with the family over easter, so cupcakes were on the menu at tonights family dinner. 

madeline is besotted with "baby" felix and wanted to carry him everywhere and shower him with kisses. can't blame the girl.. i wanted to as well. he is adorable!

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