Saturday, April 29, 2017

the fruits of the spirit

we are so blessed in dianella stake to have a relief society presidency who go above and beyond to make sure that the sisters in our stake are able to improve ourselves and to grow spiritually each year.

last year we had a 6 week challenge (increasing faith in jesus christ) that gave us something to read/ listen to from past general conferences and the likes. each of those talks assisted us in increasing our faith and at the end we had a dawn testimony meeting at the stake centre, after visiting in the temple grounds as the sun rose. 

it was such a success that they decided to do another, although only for 4 weeks this time around focusing on the fruits of the spirit found in galatians... and it was just as good! this morning marked the end of the program and we met again in the grounds of the temple, then went off for another testimony meeting. what a wonderful blessing it is to meet with other women who share our faith. who know of the same truths and are willing to share them to improve the lives of others!

we had breakfast afterwards in the hall and it was lovely to just sit back and listen as the women around me visited with each other.

what a wonderful thing the relief society is. there's not a day goes by that i am not grateful for the gospel in my life and those who are on the same path to home. ♥

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