Saturday, April 22, 2017

madeline memories ♥


what a blessing it is to raise children in the gospel and to be able to capture memories to look back on on the hard days that will surely come.

when doug and i were in nz for the unveiling of his grandparents headstone in 2012 i insisted we drive to hamilton so i could see the temple my parents had been sealed in, back in 1977. we took madeline into the visitors centre, where she sat and stared... and stared, completely mesmerised by the christus statue they have there. it was so wonderful for us to see her as a baby, being able to recognise the savior.

fast forward 5 years and i had the wonderful opportunity to take her to salt lake city utah, where another, larger, christus stands in the north visitors centre. i asked her to sit down so i could recreate the picture and felt an overwhelming sense of gratitude to know that doug and i are on the right path, which is allowing them to be also. i can't even imagine what it would be like to grow up and not know of the gospel... not to have the light that it has brought to my life... i am so happy that my children have that in their lives!


"he lives, my kind wise heavenly friend, 
he lives and loves me 'til the end. 
oh sweet the joy this sentence gives... 
i know that my redeemer lives!" 

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