Sunday, April 2, 2017

gender reveal cake

this weekend i was trusted with the most wonderful (and fun!) secret. my dear friend alexandra sent me a message on friday afternoon asking if i could make her a gender reveal cake. they had been to their ultrasound appointment not long before and had asked the technician to write down what they are having and seal it in an envelope so they had absolutely no idea! she and her husband are currently cooking their third child and wanted to surprise their families (and themselves!) at family dinner this afternoon. 

oh my word. i can honestly say that i have never been this excited in my life to make a cake!!! alex rushed over with the envelope containing the news, which i carefully waited to open until after they had left. oh the pressure! i didn't want my facial expression to give anything away.

i made a four layer cake with coloured cakes, hollowed in the middle two layers to add coloured m&ms... then covered the entire thing with buttercream and multicoloured sprinkles. so fun! the worst bit was delivering the cake last night to alex's husband michael and being interrogated, then getting the same from her brother at church this afternoon. haha. but i did not crack and was thrilled to pieces when i received these pictures not long after...

cause it's a boy! what a wonderful surprise, adding to the two girls they already have. i am so thrilled for them and still can't believe i got to be the secret keeper, what an awesome job!

the girls thrilled to pieces to know that they are getting themselves a baby brother... or are they just excited to be getting cake? i can't tell!

the inside before i added the top. so fun! i seriously wish i could have watched them cut it open!

congrats mike and alex, that's one lucky little boy headed your way!

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