Monday, April 10, 2017

general conference april 2017

we watched general conference yesterday, as per tradition in australia. seeing as the are live in the middle of the night for us, we watch them at the same times, only a week later. and due to the wonderful blessings of the internet and downloading, we can watch them in the comfort of our own home, on the cinema screen! woo. 

i spent most of the morning feeling very sad that i couldn't be in utah to watch it, especially seeing as just over a month ago, i was! actually walking around the conference centre, seeing where it all takes place. it was the best... and it just cemented my desire to be there and watch it live one day. ohhhh take me back! i would go back in a heartbeat! pity it costs money...

i so enjoyed president monsons talk that began the conference, in which he asked all members of the church to begin a daily study of the book of mormon if they had no already done so. i know first hand that having a testimony of it's truthfulness is so important and something that will get us through the hardest of times... so hearing him ask yet again just made it all the more important to me.

there were some wonderful talks, how blessed we are to hear the voices of modern day prophets, urging us to stay truth to our faith.

i also loved the talk joy d jones gave, about giving our children something great to imitate. i pray each day as a mother that i will be a good influence to my children and enable them to grow in the gospel and make good decisions as they get older.

i love general conference, it's my most favourite time of the year! ♥

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