Thursday, January 19, 2017

d e m k e w e d d i n g

it's finally happened. after the last thirty-five days of crazy planning, we pulled it off and bryan and dominique got married today! who knew it was possible? but... to be honest, all it's done is make me realise what i am capable of if i have more than a month haha

dominique looked so beautiful in her dress and as you can see, was blissfully happy, so it made all the hard work worth it ♥

it is such a blessing to know that our marriages as members of the church of jesus christ of latter-day saints are for not only this life, but for the life to come and will last throughout the eternities. that being said, i'm glad that niques has made a good choice in marrying bryan. he is great fun and has fitted into our family perfectly, as though he has always been here, we kind of like him a lot.

the complete kendall family!

the best man and i, showing up to grace the wedding as the maid of honour. i love love love the suits and ties the boys ended up choosing (from roger david) and my dress was ordered from asos... i was so thrilled with it, took a chance on the size and it arrived during the peak christmas period from london, in just four days! hooray for asos!

my favourite father in law and husband

dominique and i. how lucky i felt to be beside her on the biggest day of her life. i love you girl!

niques and her mum. i love this photo, it made me crazy happy.

the pinkall crew outside the temple after the sealing. i love this shot too. there are some people that become family, and this right here, is family. ♥

it was the most perfect day for it, it had been so hot over the last few weeks, and then all of a sudden it died down today and after a disgusting start to the week, we had a beautiful 26 degrees!

my beautiful friend jamie-lee took over my camera and snapped these gorgeous pictures for me while i played bridesmaid, it was a nice change to being behind the camera for once.

our little family. how i love them!

and my little flowergirl, in a dress lovingly made for madeline by her insanely clever nanna. who also spent hours adding sleeves to dominiques dress. we are so lucky to have her.

such a beautiful girl, so glad her day was perfect!

we are waiting on professional pics, but will try to wait calmly while they are done... i will certainly report back once we have them, with pics of the decor and reception venue etc. but these will have to do for now. but it's done! she's married...

congratulations mr & mrs demke 

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