Monday, January 23, 2017

adventure world!

oh my goodness. the last time i went to adventure world i was about 13/14 years old, on a school reward excursion, so (giving away my age here) it was about 20 years ago. we went today as a final hurrah before we send bryan back off to america... and how it has changed!! they still have the go-karts, the pedal cars on the monorail, the sky lift and skull rock... but so many new things! amongst those is an insane new rollercoaster, the abyss... which was awesome! i'd say it was well worth the money that adventure world would have had to fork out on it, especially considering how weak the old one was!

we had a pretty relaxing day just chilling and riding the pedal cars around the top of park

and the chair lift across the pools and rest of the park...

even cruising past an old friend skull rock... 

what an awesome place for the kids adventure world is though! we didn't take ours today, but there is a "kids cove" with heaps of awesome, bright, low impact rides, pools and a water playground... we'll take them next time, i am sure they will love it!

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