Tuesday, January 17, 2017

wedding favours

warning, wedding sneak peek! if you are lucky enough to have been invited to the wedding of the year (haha) and don't want to know what the wedding favours are going to be, then look away now!

i wanted to make the place cards and the favours one thing, so had settled on these gorgeous natural card boxes available here, which were conveniently located locally, so we were able to collect them (a necessity with our short time frame!) and as we received each rsvp, i hand stamped them with my alphabet stamp set (available here) and tied them off with navy ribbon from spotlight. easy done!

only thing is, with just days to go until the wedding, my plan of making brownies and cutting a large piece for each box fell by the wayside, when i sat watching our household devour a box of coles ultimate white chocolate chip cookies, to which i suggested having those in the boxes might be a better idea? it was met with such enthusiasm that i called the local coles, who were only too happy to make us a bulk order, which we collected the next day and boxed up ready for the wedding. coles for the win!! seriously, our local is amazing!

so there you have it, favours complete, and the countdown is on! 

p.s. if you live in australia and haven't tried these cookies yet, do yourself a favour and get into coles asap and try them, you will not be disappointed!

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