Sunday, January 22, 2017

the pinnacles

western australia is full of weird and wonderful things... many of which i have not yet seen, but this afternoon we took a (long) road trip up to the pinnacles, 2 hours north, just before cervantes. was it worth the four hour round trip? it so was! yes it's a bunch of rocks in a desert area, but it's actually really cool! just follow wanneroo road north and north and north and then follow the signs until you get the pinnacles. it's very clearly marked. $15 per car to enter the park... have your money ready if you are there during park hours, there is a drop box for after hours... we packed a picnic and made an afternoon/night of it.

the new crew playing with the camera self timer. yes we are losers, but we had fun!

selfies are much easier on a phone with someone holding the camera

yep. still losers.

bryan and niques decided to let me take some shots of them all loved up. they have only been married for 3 days after all. there were a lot of cute ones, but this is by far my favourite.

some more losers haha

a pretty amazing landscape to sit and look at hey! we spent hours just sitting around and looking. yes. at rocks. yes, still maintain it was worth it.

the husband and i, with some rocks

and oh look. more rocks!

bet you thought there was going to be photos of things other than rocks didn't you!

the boys...

and my newest brother in law. i guess i like him a bit.

we stayed right until the sun started to set and it was amazing... watching the colours change at the edge of the sky. we had originally planned to stay until night so we could take some photos of the clear night sky with no light pollution and get a clear shot of the stars. alas, it was not to be, but we will be back and i will make it happen here, or somewhere else!

definitely take a drive out to the pinnacles, it's a pretty amazing place to see. just allow yourself a lot of time. 

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