Tuesday, January 3, 2017

commitment achieved!

i would be so upset if i didn't have a chance to report back about the success of last years new year commitment that i made. as you can see from my coloured chart, i managed to attend the temple at least once a month, every month for the entire year (and lost my coloured markers... haha) and i am so, so proud of myself for doing so. 

attending the temple is often hard! things get in the way... heck, life gets in the way! but making time for heavenly father was so worth it. when i made that commitment and worked hard to see it through, life changed for me, for the better... and i know that temple attendance this year has made me a stronger and a better person that i was when the last year rolled around.

i haven't decided on any new years commitments as yet for 2017, but something tells me that doing that one all over again is going to help me, so here i go. let's jump into 2017 with a love for the temple and a promise to attend all over again... and see where it takes me. ♥

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