Wednesday, January 18, 2017

final touches

wedding is tomorrow... and we are all sorted! we have just delivered this awesome seating chart to the venue, which i spent a few hours stamping names onto yesterday. it's a blackboard that hangs on our wall, which until last week still had the menu from my friends wedding printed onto it from the last time i loaned it out. with some chalkboard pegs attached with a little blu-tack and some pieces of scrap booking paper cut in half, we were ready to go. easy as!

a close up... simple yet effective!

and our "wishing well" or in this case, a bird cage to put cards for the love birds. as you'll see eventually, there are a lot of bird cages going to be used at the reception, so it fitted in perfectly with the theme.

i am so excited to see it all set up and ready to go... one more sleep and it is wedding time!

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