Thursday, January 12, 2017

aveley pirate park

just last year, a new park in aveley opened (this is not huge news, as there are hundreds of parks throughout ellenbrook/aveley) but this one was a park with a difference, as it is pirate themed and fully gated, making it safe for kids who have a tendency to do a runner... although this isn't an issue for my kids, i was still keen to check it out and see what it had to offer and then forgot to take pictures of the actual park because i am useless, but did snap this cute pic of madeline and her friend brooklyn as they played about and had a great time, however, you can check out someone elses pics in an online review here

it's a great park, with lots of soft areas to play on, foam whales, starfish, a plank to walk, seesaws, swings, a pirate flag on a pole and even a treasure chest! we will definitely be going back, it's so cute! 

 located on cashman avenue 

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