Monday, January 9, 2017

wedding invitations ♥

now seems as good a time as ever to show off these amazing wedding invitations i managed to get for bryan and dominiques wedding, which is inching closer by the day! obviously we were on a pretty tight schedule time wise, so i needed to find something that was ready to go, could be personalised quickly and that we could print ourselves. dominique and i had a look on etsy in the hopes we ccould find something we were happy with and came across something that was absolutely perfect, right here

a few tweaks to make it exactly what we wanted and we had this by the following lunchtime, ready to print and send off! we were so thrilled with how quickly the girl was able to have them done for us.

as they were from an american etsy seller, they were set up to be printed front and back, with the invite and the striped page, but as things here don't work like that, i had an idea do them a little differently and print the striped page on sheer paper so that it was a top sheet... and it looked exactly how i hoped it would!

and as an awesome added bonus, we were able to have the rsvp cards changed to an invite to attend the temple . winner!

they are so perfect and we are so thrilled with them. long live etsy and officeworks with their print while you wait option! 

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