Thursday, January 8, 2015

maddie's first sleepover

maddie came home from her first sleepover at my parents a few hours ago... she was so excited to go and helped me pack her bag, then excitedly waited by the door most of the day for them to arrive. the minute they knocked, she rushed to meet them and tried to get straight into the car. she was so disappointed when they wanted to come in and visit a while... "can we go yet, can we go yet?"

during the day she was there she had a lovely time, but when it came to bed - she kept waking up and whining for me. poor love. first time away from home. so when the second night came and she didn't want to go to bed again and got a bit teary, mum and dad packed her back into the car and drove her back to perth. of course she was fast asleep by the time they got here and we popped her straight back into bed... but at least she's done it once now.

i know she did have a wonderful time though and kept telling me all about everything they had done, so hopefully we'll have a little more luck next time around. ♥

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