Thursday, January 22, 2015

eleven months old

it's that time of the month again, master joseph is another month older and growing up faster than i can comprehend.

this month, the young man finally started sleeping all the way through the night, without his top up. thank goodness for that! i was beginning to think it would never happen. i took him down from 10pm half an hour at a time over a few weeks and finally - we are here. yay! i also managed to cut out his afternoon feed... so we are making good progress! just first thing in the morning, before his morning nap and night time now. win.

he loves to smile and laugh with his daddy and also laughs non stop when madeline is around, let's hope their friendship continues once they are older.

he is crawling non stop, fast as anything - mostly in hot pursuit of his mama and standing up holding on to things whenever he has a chance. not on his own just yet, but we are definitely getting there. when he has his bath now, it's mission impossible to have him sit, he just wants to stand and grab anything in his line of sight.

doug started shaking his head side to side when joseph was watching him and now he copies and does the same thing. it is so funny, he grooves away in the car too, kicking his feet and moving away to the beat. what a little dude.

i love his smile and those dimples of his. he really is so adorable. he makes me want 10 kids, but we all know that isn't happening! haha. maybe another 2 at most.

he likes most things we feed him and loves to make a mess with his food - madeline was not nearly as messy... he looks like this after most meals. but definitely is happy when he has food in front of him. his favourite foods are sultanas, grapes and corn cakes. grumpy baby? sprinkle some sultanas on his high chair tray. fixed.

i love sunday dressups... we are always very careful to take photographs of both the kids in their sunday clothes to send to doug's parents, so i have them looking their best. it's so funny, i always thought that girls would be way more fun to dress up, but i am loving coming up with funky outfits for baby j as well. mix and match and see what i can come up with.

can't wait to see what next month brings, our baby joseph makes our whole family happy, because he is a little ray of sunshine! 

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