Thursday, January 29, 2015

peppermint crisp tart

my lovely friend bianca is from south africa... and makes this amazing dessert that everyone makes back home. peppermint crisp tart. i've only had it twice, both times at her house, but decided to have a look online and see how hard it might be to make. it wasn't hard at all. so peppermint crisp tart it was! we were heading to a friends house, so i made it to take along for dessert.

you will need:
1 packet tennis biscuits (in australia milk arrowroots will do)
1 tin caramel top 'n fill
300ml whipping cream
3 peppermint crisp bars

blitz the biscuits and sprinkle half into your dish (no butter required - just place in loose and press down with your hand) 
whip cream until soft peaks form, then mix in caramel and 2 of the peppermint crisp bars, shattered into pieces
spoon half of the mixture onto the biscuit base and smooth out

sprinkle remaining biscuit mix onto the cream mix

and repeat again with the cream on to the biscuits

top with the remaining shattered peppermint crisp and refrigerate until you eat. best made the night before, to allow the biscuits to take in the mixture and soften

best to double the recipe - as it won't last long


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