Monday, January 19, 2015

a trip to clackline

there have been massive amounts of bushfires north of perth this past week. it's been awful, with so many homes threatened and people having to leave with a risk of never coming home. my poor husband has been out helping with the problem that come afterwards, that the wooden power lines need to be replaced. not that we have anything to complain about, our home is safe and we are well, but when he comes home late, covered in ash, i am certainly sympathetic.

i felt like a night off from climbing (often whiny) children was in order, so last night i took the kids to my parents house in clackline, where they played with nanna and grandad and i sat back and enjoyed the surrounds. (...would you believe they even have wireless internet now?! this is new)

it's the first time we have been to visit since they came home from their mission a month ago and to be totally honest, it's like they never even left. there are little bit of mum everywhere, and it's so nice to come home to.

i wish i had have taken my actual camera with me and not just my iphone, but i couldn't resist taking some snaps as i walked around with joseph hanging on my side. there is just so much to see!

dad made this little chair and as it's perfect madeline size, she has decided it must be her designated chair.

a gorgeous wire bird cage my mum made years ago... if you look carefully, there is a twisted wire dragonfly on the side closest to the camera.

their newest bird bath

outdoor sinks, some of which actually work i believe.

a little man made from terracotta pots that sits under their trough filled with fish and water plants.

a fountain in the car port, pumped through an old water pump. so cool.

the people who were renting the house whilst mum and dad were away left this gorgeous mat for my parents... so suits my dad!

and... my newest disovery, filing that away, for next time i need some vintage items. so cute, right?

i could spend days looking at everything and probably still not see it all, i love mums collections... she can find anything a home - and she has certainly passed that trait on to me! 

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  1. Love all the photos. What a beautiful environment your parents have created!