Tuesday, January 13, 2015


last night we spoke about forgiveness during family home evening. as i am sure any one else with young children knows, it can be difficult to keep their attention for anything in depth - so we either read a gospel story that follows with a little video, or have a discussion where we talk about something we want madeline to learn. 

her response was priceless... and needs to be documented, something to drag out at the 21st birthday perhaps? "maddie do you know what forgiveness is?" "yes. it's when you don't hit yourself with a planet. i need to go see jesus. when i hit jesus, he said go away from me (she said this really stern and in a loud voice making it even funnier) don't hit people and daddy. that's what the problem is."

we were laughing so hard. what a little nutter. at least fhe is never boring in our house!

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