Wednesday, January 21, 2015

aaron is 40

i've been so lucky to grow up in a household with 3 older brothers. there is one with whom I have a special bond, of a very similar sense of humour and quite similar looks haha! here's a few things i love about him in time for his 40th birthday!
in 2003 I decided to move to brisbane and found out the hard way, that i wasn't really ready to start a life all on my own. i needed someone to help me and really thought I would not make it. aaron came one night after i had called him in tears and was everything a big brother should be. he held me tight, comforted me and made sure i knew everything would be alright. he was the sunshine during my time of darkness and i will be forever grateful for having him close.
i remember meeting various friends of his at the ward we attended in brisbane and one girl being so shocked that I was 19 and not a little girl... she said the way aaron mentioned me in conversation she thought i was a "little sister" not just a younger one.
i have always been proud to introduce aaron to others as my brother. he is a wonderful person, good and kind, with impeccable manners. we share many features and in recent years people have been amused to learn who i am at church activities here in perth, they have thought i looked familiar, but couldn't place it, until of course they learned I was "aaron's sister", which i am still frequently known as.
i was asked on a date by a rather handsome young man, who i must admit, i rather wanted to deter. i thought telling him he would have to ask my brothers permission would put him off, but he wasn't put off so easily. he simply approached aaron quite confidently and asked if he could take me on a date. clearly my sibling telepathic powers were not working, as aaron said, "of course you can, but why are you asking me, go ask her!" this young man and i were married a few years later, so i guess i should be grateful!
aaron is a wonderful human being and i am so, so lucky to be his little sister. 
happy birthday my brother! i love you! i always have and i always will. 
jade x

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