Saturday, January 10, 2015

wade & deb's wedding

today i had one of the coolest experiences of my life. for the first time, i was the one and only photographer for a wedding. an awesome wedding. do you remember wade and deb? i did an engagement shoot for them in august last year... and their mothers liked the photos enough that they wanted me to do the wedding photos! that was pretty exciting for me. of course i said yes and now, it's all over already :( and the editing begins... i was asked not to share more than a few pictures (beacause they want to see them first...), but this one certainly had to be shared! i just love the colours they chose. the beautiful pastels and the vintage feel to the wedding (you'll see more of that when i can share more pics and include some from the reception)

our family is very close with the fepulea'i family, in fact people often mistake tayla (front left) and doug's sister dominique for sisters. i had taken a few standard photos of the bride and groom with family and got to adding the girls in with everyone else. i called out for them and next thing i know, the two of them (totally unrehearsed) go and stand directly in front of wade and deb and start throwing up gang symbols. it was so funny, that i had to edit this pic and pass it on to them. it's just so them, especially with nifae rolling his eyes and vivienne just laughing. it's how it always is. 

but the icing on the cake of the day, was totally this shot. years ago when doug and i got married, i had a vision of one picture and knew i would be completely happy with my wedding photos as long as i got that one perfect shot. i did. very similar to the above in the whalers tunnel underneath the round house in fremantle. i tried to copy that shot here and it worked! perfectly. i was looking the whole day for that one shot that would just have that wow factor. we had been cruising around the golf course snapping shots and were almost back at the club house for the ring ceremony and reception to begin, when i saw to one side, this tunnel. i yelled at our guide to stop and quickly dragged wade and deb into the tunnel for one more shot. and i am so glad i did. what an amazing shot! it was such a great day and i am thrilled i could be a part of it!

to the bride and groom!

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