Sunday, February 8, 2015

sunday shots

i love sundays. the best (and possibly the longest haha) day of the week. 

i love church quotes and especially love this quote from president spencer w. kimball, which is such a good reminder of why we need to give. "sacrifice brings forth the blessings of heaven!" this is one of the greatest promises i have ever heard, giving a little - for a lot, is fine by me.

every sunday after church i am very careful to take a photo of the kids, to send to doug's parents in queensland. i feel bad that they live so far away and like to make sure that they are able to watch them grow and change. so sunday shots it is, every single sunday. to the point that madeline knows the routine now. rolls her eyes, stands and smiles cheesy at the camera.

i am so lucky to have such beautiful children, with grandparents who love them so much. 
how lucky we are to know that families are forever.

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