Tuesday, February 17, 2015

goodlet family photos

on sunday afternoon i took family photos for my oldest brothers family. he turned 40 two years ago - and my gift to him was family photos in the location of his choice. almost two years later, practically to the day, he finally cashed in and we met up in hyde park to take some snaps.

it was such a nice afternoon, for the first time in the last few weeks, it wasn't too hot and we even had some lovely background music, seeing as pridefest wa was on at the opposite end of the park and we had scheduled our shoot right in the middle of their concert. haha.

the entire goodlet family including jazza the dog. you know they always say, never work with children or animals? well today i worked with both... and somehow still came out alive. haha

we did have a lot of laughs between pictures though and hopefully they'll be pleased with the results. it's hard to get a full family picture when everyone is looking at the camera, eyes are all open, no one is talking, no hair in the face and the more people..? the harder it gets... thank goodness for digital photography!!

jared and donna - only a little off 20 years married, 5 kids and a few houses later - still going strong. ♥

and definitely one of my favourite shots of the day, not having any sisters of my own (but being blessed with the best brothers in the world of course...) i love to watch my three nieces together. they love each other so much and i love to be around them!

and just because i can... a pic of baby joseph chilling on uncle jared's lap. what an absolute doll this kid is! he just chilled in the pram, babbling and giggling away. love him!

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