Wednesday, February 25, 2015

what madeline has been up to

last week i came to put miss madeline to bed and discovered this. her little people castle full to the brim of all her small animals and dolls. i asked her what on earth was going on and she calmly responded with "they are ready for their dance party!" i could not stop laughing. seriously. some of the things she comes out with. she makes all the toys talk to me and to her and to each other and the pitch she gets her voice to sometimes is incredible! haha. she is fiercely independent and loves to "help" with everything i do, she's practically fearless and i hear a million times a day (only a slight exaggeration) "i can do it! no! don't help me!" hahaha. hopefully she will be this willing to help when she is a teenager, although i don't like my chances.

madeline is an absolute crack up. i swear she makes me laugh at least 20 times a day. from the moment she wakes up she's go go go and it's all i can do to keep up with her. she is a beautiful and affectionate little girl. loves to be close to her mama and "sneak" me (she loves my smell and refers to cuddling and breathing in as sneaking haha) and to sit in my lap at any opportunity. she loves joseph too and always chats away to him as he crawls about the place. come on joseph, keep up joseph... she loves to ask questions about everything and must  know the name of everyone she meets. especially anyone that serves us at the supermarket. luckily she is still at the age where it is cute. she is also very girly and insists on wearing a dress every single day. never pants (except on the very odd occasion and sometimes leggings under pants) and heaven forbid you argue with her over it.

and my word is she smart. i don't like to sound like i am bragging because she is my child, but she really is. she can count and say her alphabet like any kid can, but she has an amazing memory! she already knows most of the primary songs even though she has only gone into primary this year... she walks around the house singing them and blew one of the leaders away last week when she sang one from start to finish without even flinching. her current favourite songs though are nursery rhymes and i hear "the three little kittens" and "mary had a little lamb" all the verses. lucky she's cute. she also loves to play the memory game with the cards that match, watching carefully... and truly gives us a run for our money.

she has been saying prayers on the food for about a year now, but for long prayers, doug and i would normally feed her what to say... much to our surprise the other night, she says "no i don't want your help" and proceeded to say a prayer that was like 2-3 minutes long, blessing all her grandparents, parents, aunties, cousins and friends, as well as thanking heavenly father for this and the other. we were dumbfounded. go maddie! that's our crazy, clever girl and we are proud as punch!

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