Friday, February 20, 2015

joseph is one!

this bright eyed, smiley, gorgeous boy turned one today! how blessed we are to be his parents. every single day. he is still saying just one word, mama (fine by me!) but not even on command, just when he wants to, but he is learning and and growing every day. 

i am so in love with his sweet little face and just want to plant kisses on it all day long... i mean seriously, look at those cheeks! and that dimple... he is just so, so cute, i adore seeing his face light up when he catches sight of us and then his little noises as he tries to gabble away to us. we are hoping we get some more words out of him soon, but he definitely knows what's going on. he listens, then acts when we speak to him - and even follows little requests. :)

he is walking around holding the furniture and i am sure before too long, he will take his first steps... he's even taken a couple of quick steps behind madeline's doll pram, before he put too much weight on the edge and down he went... he also had a go pushing a stool along the ground the day as he walked along. he loves to make growling noises while he plays or sits with us, then giggles when we laugh or talk to him. sometimes changin his nappy is a little dramatic, but we have discovered recently that a small bear we have that chants to haka is a welcome distraction. he absolutely loves and babbles away at it as it chants. in fact, if i don't press the bears tummy quickly enough, he will start to grab for it and start yelling at it, waiting for the haka to begin. what a crack up. 

he also loves melon and stone fruit and would gladly eat nothing but. i am going through a lot of napisan, as he's been quite successful in covering himself in the juice as he munches away. and banana bread! i let him have a taste of mine one day and had the whole piece whipped out of my hand, and gobbled up. i think we can safely assume he's into bananas - as he can eat a whole one of those in a sitting too, as well as many sultanas as you're willing to give him.

we got him some sweet little gifts for his birthday, including these adorable sunglasses and some toy dinosaurs... and with some of the money doug's parents sent, we bought him his first pair of proper baby chucks which i can't wait to put him in. oh how i love sweet baby clothes. what a sweet boy he is. i am so glad we were blessed to have him join our family, he's just darling. can't wait to celebrate many more birthdays with him.

i couldn't resist showing off this picture... it's almost as if he knew last night that tomorrow was special and gave me this big cheesy picture opportunity when i put him in bed. it made me so sad knowing that he wouldn't be my "baby" any more, but i'll still love him just as much, maybe even more. ♥

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