Saturday, February 7, 2015

wedding love

i was a leader in our church young womens program for quite some time and saw many lovely girls grow up. one that has remained very dear to my heart is miss crystal and today she got married!

she and michael actually went to school together, but got together years later and now have beautiful twin boys that just turned one in december. i am so thrilled for them and was so happy to be able to be there and be a part of her big day.

of course no wedding is complete without a family photo - so selfies it was on the way back to the car... aren't my babies beautiful?! it was a lovely day, very hot, but not unbearable. being that i was married in february though, i can totally sympathise with the heat!

joseph was so well behaved and sat chilling in his pram during the ceremony, just babbling away to himself and blowing the occasional raspberry.

while madeline had the best view in the place, atop her daddy's shoulders. what a lucky girl.

it makes me so happy to watch the girls i have watched grow up, thank you crystal for thinking of me and letting me be a part of your day. ♥

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