Saturday, February 28, 2015

laura's baby shower

our sweet friend laura had her baby shower today... and my word did we have a good time! she's such a crack up and i was so thrilled to be invited to take part in the shenanigans. my friend pippa had a large part in the preparations which guaranteed good games and a lot of laughs.

there were three awesome games that we played which i have filed away for future reference...
1. "make a baby" each of us was given a chunk of playdough and 60 seconds to mould it into a baby shape. rather hilarious results...
2. name that 'stache: 15 famous moustaches enlarged and on a board - for us to guess who was who
3. the pooey nappy game: a stack of disposable nappies with a different mushed up chocolate bar in each one. watching all the girls sniff (and even sneakily have a taste of) the contents was hysterical... even funnier as poor laura had specified that the only game she really didn't want was that one. i've never laughed so hard.

pippa made this amazing cake, which i think i probably could have eaten half of, if i'd made the effort... haha. it was a double layer of banana with white chocolate chunks and walnuts... with cream cheese icing. yummm.

and she had even set up a mini impromptu photo booth near the front door, fun times!

i loved watching laura open her baby gifts... especially this picture. she looks like someone has stashed some lollies or the likes in the bottom of the bag. haha.

was a great afternoon and i cannot wait to meet baby t!

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