Sunday, February 22, 2015

joseph's dinosaur party

yesterday we had a little dinosaur birthday party for our big one year old! it was a lovely afternoon, thankfully not too hot and we all had a really good time.

this year i decided to make the goody bags (jars in fact) and used jars that we had at home, with a plastic dinosaur glued to the top (bargain alert... i got a shopping bag full of dinosaur figurines in all different sizes from gumtree, about 10 minutes from home for just $5) and then spray painted a funky colour and filled with some cute knick knacks:
dinosaur stamp (6 in a pack, available here on ebay)
3 mini dinosaurs (from abovementioned bag)
rubber bouncy ball (6 in a pack from kmart for $2)
mini dinosaur drawing pad (6 in a pack, also from ebay, look here)
a few crayons (i bought a big pack from kmart for $3(ish))
dinosaur tattoos (another awesome ebay find - here)
green polka dot balloons (kmart - 12 for a few dollars)
and half a dozen natural confectionery company dinosaur lollies (from your local supermarket)

all in the dinosaur theme and looked really cute when they were finished

thankfully i had set to work a few days before... because here is what i learned:
you need plastic/ laminate kind of glue to make the dinosaurs stick to the lids... and to let them set for quite some time. spraypaint does not dry on plastic. not at all. the paint was still tacky two days after i sprayed the lids, so i called my husbands friend who is a spray painter. please not for future reference, if you want to make them... you need to glue down the figurine and then start with a coat of spray plastic primer. once that is dry, then you can spray paint as usual. problem was of course, i didn't know about it and had just sprayed straight onto them. solution? thanks to my smart mum... we doused each one in talcum powder, which dried the paint and created a base for the next coat of paint to stick to. they were dry by the end of the day. boom. thanks ma.

we also had a little impromptu photo shoot with our favourite little man before his guests arrived... in his cot filled with balloons. he is just such a happy little thing and was very obliging, smiling away, once we had given him a cookie to munch on.

i just love this face!

and most of all, that dimple!

we also managed to find this funky t-rex skeleton at the guildford markets a few weeks ago... and we snapped it up for a nice little table display. so cute!

and these adorable dinosaur serviettes from coles... just $2 for the packet.

i had the best time making these little "fossil" cookies... with the easiest recipe i could find online... and then stomping each one with the foot of a toy dinosaur, which is now living in my utensils drawer. clearly it will be required for future use haha.

dinosaur sprinkles on the chocolate crackles? we don't do things by halves around here...

and adorable green bunting from kmart (yes, i really love that place!) for just $2

joseph loved the attention and was happy to go to all our friends and have a cuddle, whilst eating away... thank heavens for socialable children!

and as per usual (her 4th for my children so far...) my best friend jennifer delivered with this adorable fat dinosaur on top of a cake for the birthday boy. she is so clever and i am so lucky to have her. 

having a play with nanna. it makes me so happy to know how loved out babies are, by both sets of grandparents...♥

finally it was cake time and daddy helped joseph blow out the candle. he was so excited by the dinosaur and kept wanting to touch it...

so we finally let him have a pat. sweet boy, he just wants to touch everything. no cake smashing here though... i must admit, it is one of my pet peeves... what a waste of good cake! we eat our cake here, not smash it!

we are just too lucky. this boy is all ours :)

bye bye! we'll see you later!

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