Thursday, October 20, 2016

choc chip cookies!

earlier this week i had a must bake chocolate chip cookies day, i needed them after the morning i had... which i'll explain in a minute!

i have hunted for the best chocolate chip cookie recipe for quite some time, i have tried a few and just not been into them, but somehow stumbled across this one (here) from rebecca judds website. gave them a try and they were amazing! so so so yum that i probably could have eaten the whole lot myself... thankfully i have a husband and two kids. seriously try them, you won't regret it! (and yes, you definitely should double the choc chips, or at least add another half a cup! :)

so... this was the reason i needed chocolate. madeline and i were chilling in bed that morning and i hear a noise that sounds like pen on paper. maddie looks behind and squeals, "mama! joseph is drawing on the bed!!" and so he was. i yelled, he threw the pen at top speed, then plonked himself on his little bottom and started crying over and over "sowweeeee mama! sowweeeee!!" oh my gosh. it was so funny, i couldn't help cracking up at him and even more so when i managed to get a snap and he was making this face... priceless! seriously. cutest little man there ever was!

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