Tuesday, October 4, 2016

rise up (and become the person you were designed to be)

on saturday we had our stake relief society convention: rise up and become the person you were designed to be! it was such a wonderful day (being that i was already on a spiritual high from attending the temple with the graham family that morning ♥) and i feel so blessed to be part of a stake that had made so much effort to ensure the day was enjoyed by all who attended, but enabled us to be uplifted too.

throughout the day, there were classes held, with topics such as "dear are the sheep that have wandered", "lift up your heads and rejoice", "raising a valiant warrior", "nurturing marriage" and "direction, correction and warning" 

i attended the last two i've mentioned, which were great, the latter was about recognising and listening to the promptings of the holy ghost and certainly gave me a lot to think about. it was wonderful to be able to listen to the life experiences of others and think about how we can apply them in our own lives.

our lunch and dinner was provided in this amazingly decorated hall, which had been done in the theme of alice in wonderland, with three long tables, one themed as the mad hatters tea party, one as the queen of hearts and the other as the white queen. it was incredible, absolutely breathtaking as we walked in and saw it all set up.

i am just amazed that so much effort was made for us to enjoy our day

i mean seriously, all these little details, that i got to have a look at as i walked around taking photos on the day

and these funky signs about the place, directing us to our classes. so much effort on the littlest things made it all that much cooler

there was even between class snacks available as we went past...

my beautiful parents were invited to present a class on the day, entitled "if you have desire to serve, you are called to the work" where they spoke of their experiences serving a full time mission in samoa. i am sure it was wonderful to listen to (i was banished, mum said i had heard their stories enough times and sent me elsewhere to learn something i didn't already know haha) and i loved their little island set up that i got to help with!

me and my mama

at the end of the day, after dinner had been served, we all filed into the chapel, to watch the general womens session of general conference (which you can find here) it was incredible as always. i feel so grateful to be able to hear the words of the prophet and other church leaders.

the cutest set up in the foyer as people entered the chapel 

and the best part of the day for me? seeing these amazing hats displayed and being loved by everyone in attendance. each ward in our stake was asked to make and provide 5 "mad hatters" hats for the set up and under the watchful eye of the most arty girl in our ward, we busted out these babies! i am so beyond proud of what the girls accomplished (my claim to fame here is that i helped with the paper mache) aren't they amazing? my favourite is for sure that gorgeous flamingo!!

more mad hats from ellenbrook ward... woo!

there was even a little service project on the day, assisting with the making of teeny little warm blankets for premmie babies in the local hospitals... i loved making them, they were so so cute!

and these beautiful women... are the ones that made the day happen. i love them so much and i am so so grateful to be a part of the dianella stake relief society. 

what. a. day! ♥

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