Monday, October 31, 2016

halloweeeeeen twenty-sixteeeeen

i'm not really a halloween person... to be perfectly honest, i have always thought it is a stupid american tradition that doesn't really belong in australia... but after last years exposure to the joy of halloween in our new house where there are lots of new houses and lots of young children i realized that it's kind of fun.

this year we went out trick or treating with maddie's friend isabella and her little brother and hit up about 20 or so houses just by wandering around our neighbourhood looking for decorations. the kids were loving it, until we got to one house that had a guy dressed in a scary costume that jumped out and scared the kids, then it was tears all the way home... i couldn't help but laugh, but they were seriously scared!

queen elsa and her witchy friend

doug stayed home and wore his chimp mask whilst handing out lollipops to the neighbourhood kids... i think he had just as good a time as we did! as we walked around, i told the kids to knock on our door, much to their amusement.,, but that's our house! oh daddy! he's a monkey!

having the best time ♥

and our little joseph... doug's parents bought him a little skeleton suit, but he wasn't having a bar of it, so in the end we showed him his all blacks shirt, which he was more than happy to wear. done. let's go!

you never know, halloween might just be growing on me...

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