Sunday, October 9, 2016

general conference october 2016

what can i say? i love general conference, hearing the words of the church leaders... and i especially love that living in australia and watching it a week after those in the united states, i get to have a feed full of quotes two weeks in a row! ♥ this morning we watched the sunday morning session here at home (on the big screen woo!) and there were two talks in particular that i really loved.

the first was joy and spritual survival by russell m nelson, in which he spoke of finding joy, even in the darkest of times... it was so beautiful and i am sure it was comforting to so many. you can see it here

the other was "to whom shall we go?" which you can find here. this really touched my heart. i know there are so many who struggle with the gospel and are yet to find their place... those who struggle to remain active and those who just struggle in general! i loved hearing his words of comfort and counsel and will definitely listen to it again in time. 

general conference how i love thee!
you can find the whole lot...

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