Thursday, October 27, 2016

a big boy haircut

we finally managed to get this little man in the chair at the barbers today and i cannot believe the difference a cut made. i think it aged him about 12 years and i can't even deal with it. i mean seriously, he's gone from being a baby to a little boy!

all his hair, gone! it's been so long since he let anyone touch his hair that we had started to call him samson... whenever you would ask him if he was going to have a haircut, he would cry no no! and then run away. even at the barber he sobbed and sobbed when we put him in the chair and eventually we had to let him watch a little video with the disney cars in it, whilst sitting on dougs lap in the chair. but we got it done! big big thanks to the awesome barber eli at babaz in ellenbrook... we are thrilled with little j's new cut. ♥

and last of all, here's a before shot of our little man before we got him in the chair... i still can't get over the difference!

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