Thursday, July 6, 2017

york salvos for the win

this is what $50 will get you if you op shop in york at the salvation army jumble sale at 71 avon terrace york: open monday, thursday and friday 9:30 (but sometimes a little earlier depending on who is volunteering that day) - until 12 noon.  plus as an added bonus, they have a "coffee shop" in the church hall monday and friday where the older (please let it be known that i did not say old) ladies who volunteer make excellent hot chocolate/ coffee and scones with jam and cream. totally worth the drive from perth, especially when my parents live half an hour away. 

but. back to the bargains... this week i was lucky enough to discover a genuine (definitely the real deal) mimco medium pouch (feast your eyes on the rrp here if you will) in excellent condition. i was so stoked. i have considered buying one on a few occasions but could never justify the price tag, so was beyond excited to find it. i did a little happy dance right then and there, a very dignified one in case the opshop ladies caught on and charged me more (who am i kidding, these are old ducks in a country town just over an hour east of perth) but i can happily report i paid a total of one dollar. that's right, you read that corrrectly, one dollar. the best bit? the link that holds the pull tab to the pouch was missing and the tab seemed to be missing... but it was inside the pouch! if you are an avid opshopper, you'd know this is a miracle and i am still getting over it. what a win!

plus, i also scored a mimco bag (also genuine) front and center in the pic above, for a friend who also loves (and can't afford) mimco. there are two pretty happy girls here this week. ♥

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