Monday, July 10, 2017

margaret river chocolate factory

it's madeline's sixth birthday tomorrow and it was doug's day off today, so i asked madeline what she'd like to do and received a very enthusiastic response of "go to the chocolate factory!!" apparently their bus had passed it each day during their two weeks of school swimming lessons at the end of the term and she was busting to go and check it out.

i think she may have been a teeny bit disappointed that it wasn't bustling and bright and cheerful like the chocolate factory in willy wonka and the chocolate factory but she was happy to watch them put the chocolate into moulds, make the chocolate balls coated in sprinkles and watch the machines stirring it about. both of my kidlets were especially happy to taste the free samples on offer... and happily picked an ice cream each (rocky road for joseph and bubblegum for madeline)

it was a fun little family outing for us... and i have a feeling we will be getting dragged back in the future. but for chocolate? i don't mind a bit!

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