Monday, July 3, 2017

maddie lost a tooth!

what a milestone!

miss madeline lost her first tooth last week and couldn't be prouder of herself. she came to me a few days before telling me her tooth was hurting which baffled me a little, until i pressed on it and it moved! oh she was so thrilled, her friends have started to lose their teeth and she hates to be the last.

a few days it got super loose and was just hanging by a thread in her mouth at which time she came to me and told me she needed me to help her (ew gross!) so i wiggled it a little until it popped out of her gum! then we left it out for the tooth fairy who was super generous and gave her $4. (lucky kid. that was purely because her grandparents happened to be at our house and doubled what we had haha)

our little girl is growing up at a crazy rate... it seems like just yesterday she was a baby - and now she's turning six next week!

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