Saturday, June 24, 2017

relief society movie night

i love love love it when planning pays off. we had our relief society movie night last night and it went so well! no hiccups, all went according to plan - and everyone enjoyed themselves! woo!

our additional meetings committee had decided to have a movie night, watching the disney produced church movie, the other side of heaven, based on the mission of john groberg to the kingdom of tonga in the 1950's. it is such a wonderful movie, may i suggest you watch it if you haven't already?

we had a full candy bar, complete with lollies, popcorn, drinks and dinner (hotdogs!) which was a huge hit, it was great fun watching everyone get into it before the movie started.

one of the lovely men in our ward kindly set up a huuuuuge screen that took up the entire stage in our cultural hall, along with a projector and sound system. apparently he made the screen stand years ago for one of the many parties his kids had. so clever... and how lucky are we to have him on side?

yum, dinner!

before the movie began, we were blessed with a performance from a polynesian dance/ drum group that one of the girls from our ward is in. they were amazing, and certainly set the tone for the evening.

the boys doing their thing

and the girls, featuring our aniwa ♥

they even had members of the crowd come and participate in a final dance. it was great and everyone was really into it.

after all that, people got into the candy bar and settled in to watch the movie. 

we had so much good feedback and i am so pleased with how the evening went. definitely one to file away for a possible repeat! ♥

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