Tuesday, June 6, 2017

just call me donna hay

tonight was doug's parents 37th wedding anniversary. i decided to invite them for dinner and to cook something fancy, then spent the entire day wondering what on earth i could cook for them! late in the afternoon i remembered a recipe i had seen someone share on facebook last week, donna hays honey mustard chicken and potato bake. quick check of the ingredients and method proved it was a possibility, so off to the supermarket we went. i am no masterchef, but i can certainly read a recipe - and this was fairly easy... and was absolutely delicious!!!! oh my goodness yum. i am so happy i decided to give it a try and will 100% definitely be making it again! 

i had also been planning to make something magical for dessert, until i realised that the recipe i had chosen actually needed to be cooked for quite a long time, and then rest for a while too... so it was on to plan b. we had some bananas, crushed nuts and icecream on hand, all i needed was chocolate sauce... bit of googling found me a simple chocolate sauce recipe (my version was minus the optional kahlua obviously!) and my mini banana splits were perfect! hooray for kitchen experiments and happy anniversary to my beautiful in laws! ♥

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