Saturday, June 3, 2017

frozen on ice

madeline and i have been to disney on ice everytime it's in perth since she was two years old. so, this year was our fourth time! this year was super exciting for pretty much every little girl on the planet, because this time, they decided to do frozen on ice! frozen is great (although not my personal favourite) and they would be silly passing up doing frozen on ice, wouldn't they!

madeline and i went with aunty dom for a girls night out... and had a blast as usual. the three of us always have a good time, so adding disney into the mix made it even better!

my favourite part of the night was olaf's song "in summer" where he was surrounded by bees, butterflies and flowers, so so cute!

during the intermission we found madeline's friend brooklyn from school, so they had to dance about, do some spinning and sing in the foyer. crack up kids.

elsa and anna dancing up a storm

of course, the highlight for madeline was seeing elsa sing "let it go"... as usual, disney did everything to perfection, you really can't fault any of their shows.

i must admit though, i am much more excited about the shows that they do when they change the theme/ story every 10-15 mins or so. i love being able to watch multiple stories and seeing how they put each one on show. for this reason i am especially looking forward to next years one, which is apparently going to be an anniversary show. hooray! can't wait.

we love you disney on ice! ♥

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