Wednesday, May 24, 2017

the "joys" of home ownership

i remember when we lived in a rental and when there was an issue, we would contact the real estate and they would come and fix it. gone are those days... welcome to the wonderful world of home ownership! a few months ago, one of the kids dropped something behind one of the couches in our theatre room and couldn't get it out, so i got behind there to find it and what did i find? the wallpaper peeling off the wall because water was seeping through from the shower in our ensuite. insert big sad face here. long story short: the insurance company wouldn't pay out a cent because the waterproofing was found by the assessor to have not been done properly... the builder came and looked and said sorry your 6 years of new home warranty is out, but just for your information, we wouldn't have covered that anyway... and we were at a dead end. the wall in the theatre room will have to dry out for months before we can repair it, (thank goodness you can't tell whatsoever!!) and the shower had to be completely regrouted. (please imagine our money flying out the window here) 

ugh. at least it looks good and cost me less than $600, i was honestly picturing $1000+ here. but. to add to my joy, while he was here, our drying stopped working. it's pouring outside, i have no way to dry my clothes and bye bye dryer. $99 later... we have a repairman coming tomorrow to have a look. fingers crossed that's all for now, i don't think my credit card can take much more! :(

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