Monday, May 1, 2017

renays bridal shower

on saturday, i got to help out when my friend dom was asked to throw a bridal shower, for her friend renay. i was so stoked, because there's nothing i love more than helping to throw a good party!

we decked out the house with all kinds of goodies from both of our houses... 

made pink lemonade with sliced lemons and
water with strawberries and mint

set up the backyard for high tea with vintage trios

and gleefully displayed the goodies that we had spent the last two days baking! ♥

we played a few games that we'd found on pinterest:
how well do you know the bride?
he said/ she said
and kiss the groom (this was definitely everyones favourite, dom had printed off a giant picture of the groom to be, with her brother, plus a whole pile of lips to pin to the picture. top prize was for getting the lips on the groom, with a booby prize for her brother. it was hysterical!)

add a little signage...

and our beautiful bride to be... 

it was a great afternoon!

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