Tuesday, May 30, 2017

bananas in pyjamas party


so because joseph woke up happy as larry on saturday, i made an executive decision and left him home with doug and took madeline to clackline for jacob's second birthday party... which was a bananas in pyjamas theme! jen is so talented it's actually ridiculous, she hand drew, then painted these bananas on wood, then cut them to size, to have them on display at the party,

i also loved these banana balloons she found online... a few "lucky" guests got to take one home and now there is one bobbing around the floors at my house haha

cutest little family! ♥

jen, as usual, did not disappoint, and busted out these banana cakes... she's so clever!

jacob loved them!

happy birthday little man! we were so happy to spend your day with you ♥

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