Tuesday, March 14, 2017

the secret garden

a few months ago, i was approached by one of the young womens leaders in our ward, asking me, along with a few other women in our ward, to write something about a book i love (which, it should be noted, was not allowed to be the book of mormon) and provide a copy of it for the girls to see as they listened. i have loved the secret garden from the first time i read it, when my mother bought me a copy as a teenager (i still remember it was from the mundaring bookshop, which i now wonder, is that even open anymore?) and can't seem to help myself buying it again and again every time i see a copy. i am now up to 20 something copies, all different, and have no plan to stop any time soon. if you haven't read it, do yourself a favour and get a copy, it's the best!

but... here is what i had to say:

A book I love, in fact my favourite book is The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett. It was written over a hundred years ago and was first published in 1910. I have read it so many times and love it as much as the first time I read it. The story tells of a young girl who has lost her family and been sent to an old friend of her parents to be raised. She begins as an angry child who wants no love from anyone, but over time learns that friendship is one of the greatest gifts that life has to offer. 
The reason I love it so much, all stems around one particular quote, "where you tend a rose my lad, a thistle cannot grow." I think this is a very important reminder of keeping the gospel first and foremost in our lives. Where light exists, darkness cannot enter. When we keep our thoughts and lives pure, we will live a life of joy in the gospel. 

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