Tuesday, March 21, 2017

dianella stake conference april 2017

sunday was our semi annual stake conference... a beautiful sunny day. as per usual the kids made a lot of noise and i didn't hear everything, but there was so many wonderful things. one of the boys that doug had as a deacon when he was the young mens president of dianella ward, was up there speaking and i was tell he was so chuffed to see it. he did an amazing job too! plus one of the ysa girls in our ward, who spoke of the importance to keep our own personal "radio frequency" perfectly in tune with that of the savior and the gospel. such a good morning!

us with the kidlets out the front of the temple afterwards. i will never get over how wonderful it is to have a temple in the backyard of our stake centre. right within our reach! it makes it wonderfully easy to keep the temple and the blessings found within its walls in our sight!

the best part of the day though, was picking up one of my dearest friends (and the kids "aunty" dom!) so we could attend the leadership session together. i certainly got a lot more out of this one without kids in my ear haha.

so some notes to look back on:

-conversion and testimony are the driving forces behind the gospel
-conversion is an ongoing process
-new and returning members need constant contact with the gospel
-leaders in the church should make an extra effort to approach people and say hello!
-observe and teach anywhere you can
-create opportunities to feel the spiriy
-we need to continually learn and grow... and seek to do so
-sometimes we come to church to help someone else
-an end goal has been given to us, we need to find our way there, relying on what we know and using the spirit
-are we using our talents to assist those who need to be strengthened?
-our works ought always be good!
-revelation is not complicated (...by small and simple things)
-you must be present and engaged to lead!
-chase people not numbers!
-the world may say that we cannot change, but the enabling power of the atonement allows us to change!

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