Sunday, March 5, 2017

special stake conference

while i was gallivanting around the united states, we were lucky enough to have an apostle (elder renlund) visit perth. each stake called a special stake conference... and i missed it. by one week. i must admit i was rather unimpressed. until i found out that they had recorded the session (with permission of course) to be streamed in the outer branches the following sunday... when i would be home! hooray for me, because my parents are in one of the outer branches... and i could go there and watch it. what a bonus! there i was thinking i would miss out altogether, but instead i got to go and hang out with my parents that day, whilst getting to watch it. yessss! blessings all round!

so off we went, arrived at mums to a massively excited joseph (made me feel so good that he was so excited to see me after i'd been away) and then continued on our way. i am so thrilled we got to watch the session and i got some wonderful things out of it... some notes for my future reference:

president masson (dianella stake president)
-counsel correct principles with your children and family to ensure good relationships
-a captain of a team cannot win alone
-how often do we place demands on heavenly father? failing to remember that our trials and tests are designed for us personally
-do we seek to align our will with the fathers? 
-he seeks only to draw us unto him

sister renlund (wife of visiting apostle)
-we are eternal beings, we are meant to be with our families
-know your ancestors
-we have a temple within our stake boundaries do not be tempted to say i'll go another day.
-protect your temple time. plan to go.
-there is a bit of heaven on earth. it is in the temple

elder renlund (visiting apostle)
-you can change. 'twas i, but tis not i.
-if you don't have a conviction, pray with all your heart until you get it
-teach your children so that they will have a desire to know the truth, and will pray and ask for themselves!
-a disciple of jesus christ longs to be an example, to help others and to be within the walls of the temple
-as a church we always do everything right. we follow the rules and do things appropriately
-the sacrament is a wonderful thing that jesus christ has done for us
-we have to look out for others so that we can be counted as disciples of christ

we are so lucky to hear words from those who are called of god and tell us things we need to know. words for our day. perhaps lucky is not the word. blessed. today i was truly blessed.

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