Wednesday, March 1, 2017

salt lake city temple

today was a dream come true! after years of wanting to go to the salt lake city temple, i got to not only visit last week, but to be blessed enough to actually do a session there this morning with one of my dearest friends and her mother. it was amazing, everything i had ever dreamed it would be. just being there and seeing the inside of the temple, the attention to detail, the perfection, the utter sacrifice that had gone into each room and the building as a whole, had me completely in awe.

indeed it was something i will never forget as long as i live. i was just so happy to be there, i don't think i stopped smiling the whole day. i have always felt such a pull to the building, to just want to be there, which as i explained a few months back, it all of a sudden made sense when i knew more than just that my grandfather was born in salt lake city and it just deepened my desire to go. so to be here, was just everything! i can barely believe it, yet here i am on temple square, never wanting to leave.

as we stood in front of the east doors and i got to snap away to my hearts content taking in every little detail my heart was full to bursting. i mean seriously! look at these shots i was able to get. best of all, we managed to exit at a time when there was no weddings out the front and i was able to get some awesome shots without having to dodge people.

so. fun fact. i always wondered if this gold piece was on both ends of the temple. i can now report that it is not. but it is stunning.

and i have always always always wanted to see these doorknobs up close. to actually look at them. i did. i held onto them. i turned them. they were locked of course, but i did it anyway. because i could. they are also just as cool as i imagined.

salt lake has been a dream. so amazing and everything i wanted it to be. we have to go home tomorrow and i don't want to go. there are so many people here that i love, so much here to love. but it's time to go back to the real world. :( i just can't wait to come back again.

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