Wednesday, March 29, 2017

megabarn (and a new opshop!)

i dragged my poor father in law out to the magabarn opshop in canning vale (33 bannister road, at one end of the good sammys headquarters). it's funny, i can't see that many father in laws that would be excited at the prospect, but the two of us always have blast opshopping. as per usual i got a great haul and was well pleased, 27 pieces for $17.50, making them just under 65c a piece. inlcuded in my haul was even a gorgeous george brand dress with the tags still attached. boom.

but the most exciting bit was making a last minute decision (so last minute that it involved me doing a u turn on a main(ish) road) to see if a new little opshop i had recently discovered was open... it was! ladies and gentlemen, may i present the "blue sky opshop" located at 252 benara road, beechboro. it was small and packed with stuff, just the way i like it. i walked out a while later with a vintage blue dress from the 70s that looks like something my nanna would have worn. woop. i will definitely be checking that one out in the future.

cheers! here's to new opshops! ♥

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