Saturday, March 18, 2017

another maternity shoot for jen

okay i confess... i am currently suffering from a rather bad case of bump envy, because i spent the day taking photos of my bestie who is only 3 weeks away from her due date with baby number two. she is positively glowing (although like every pregnant woman, i am sure she just wants that baby out!) which made it easy as pie to get some great shots ♥

we headed to the railway line that runs below the road by my mum and dads house with an old bentwood chair from their table and started snapping away... (for your information, clackline is named as such for the railway line that used to run through the town)

seriously how stunning does she look?

that is one gorgeous belly!

we even managed to get the boys in for some shots that were cute... which is a miracle in itself, not going to lie, boys are a pain haha

the macqueen family is about to grow by one... and i couldn't be more excited for them!

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