Wednesday, February 22, 2017


today it was goodbye to people we love (and people we have gotten to love very quickly in texas) and off to utah! oh my goodness. utah. i have been waiting for this day for so long - and i have to admit as we started getting close, flying over snow capped mountains and preparing to land, i got really emotional. knowing that i was about to see dear friends, see all the church buildings, especially the salt lake temple... it made me a little teary! 

we landed at salt lake city airport and went through security through to baggage claim, and right there on the other side of the glass was alex boye. talk about mormon celeb spotting when you've been in utah for all of ten minutes haha. my friend lisa met us and whisked us to the car, but not before i realised that you can actually see the temple from the airport! crazy!

her kids had swimming lessons scheduled for the afternoon, so madeline and i got to go too... but when we were driving there it started to snow! seriously, the weather is clearly turning it on for us. i was dying for snow and here it was, before we had even been in the state for two hours! the whole being at the pool while it's snowing outside had me in fits of laughter... seriously, it's winter here!

one thing about utah that i've noticed already, is that i am absolutely struggling to breathe! i thought at first that i was going crazy, until i had to pause and catch my breathe while talking to lisa's husband tonight and he explained it to me. perth is at 60ft above sea level. utah is at 5000. my lungs aren't to the elevation and unfortunately probably won't get used to it while i am here as it takes a few weeks, maybe even a month. woah. crazy. i was pleased to know i'm not dying though, that's for sure!

i already love it here... and cannot wait for our adventures to begin, but i was so happy to see my bed tonight... i'm worn out! utah, let's go!

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