Sunday, February 26, 2017

sunday in utah!

what an experience today was! church in utah? check!

we had a wonderful morning at one of the cottonwood heights wards with tara and her family. relief society was a bit full on in comparison to what i'm used to in back home in australia (some rather graphic recounts of the suffering of their pioneer ancestors!) but i was delightful all the same. 

after church we headed over to the hedges house for lunch and to hang out, where i spent most of my time in an in depth conversation with lauren and aspen about temples... madeline was having the time of her life on the staircase being moana on the side of her boat. my heart was in my mouth most of the afternoon watching her antics, not going to lie! 

lisa and the kdis came and collected us in time for dinner and we headed off to the amussens, where we spent some time with her parents, and her twin and boyfriend. it's been so long since i've seen them all and there was so much laughing and fun to be had.

with my favourite twins! ♥

and madeline with her favourite twins

last time we saw michelle was when madeline was just a baby and we took this gorgeous picture (at the top) of them together. today i decided to take the same one and it was totally worth it. oh the memories!

i am loving spending time with friends here and i am going to be so sad when it comes to an end... if only we weren't so far away!

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