Friday, February 24, 2017

pindred spirits

today i met one of my good friends for the very first time. sounds like an odd thing to say doesn't it?! but as random as it is, it's true. there's an awesome story behind it though, so please bear with me.

a few years ago, i was pinning away on pinterest and noticed over a few weeks, then months that someone called tara was constantly pinning my pins, but not only that, but i seemed to be pinning all of hers as well. this went on for a while, until one day i received a friend request from this tara on facebook, along with a message that read something along the lines of "i don't usually do this and i know this is weird, but i have noticed that we have pinned a lot of each others pins on pinterest, it seems we have a lot in common and i think we could be friends." she also said that she knew it was safe as we are both (obviously from what we had been pinning) members of the church of jesus christ of latter-day saints. i accepted... we started messaging and emailing and became "penpals" of the technology age.

a few years passed and we became very good friends... messaging often and often joked about meeting, while wishing it would one day happen. sooooo when i booked my trip to texas and decided to add on a trip to utah, i started messaging with taras daughters and arranged to meet up with them and surprise her! today was the day and her sneaky daughters had made sure there was no way of her finding out (even to the point of blocking me on facebook so she couldn't see i was in america, even though i had been completely silent on there so that i could surprise lisa yesterday and her today) so it was a complete surprise.

claiborne picked me up from lisa's this morning, and drove us to city creek mall (collecting aspen on the way) where we wasted some time in the disney store while we waited for tara to arrive. then we went to the restaurant where we had arranged to meet her and waited. after a few minutes we saw her walking up, where she looked right at me as she walked up, that was the funniest bit, because she knew it couldn't possibly be me... only when she walked in the door, it was! 

it was such a wonderful moment. seeing her face as she saw me waiting there with her girls (oh how i wish i could upload the video on here... the first words out of her mouth were shut up! haha) and just finally getting to see each other and spend some time together. we always said we wanted to go to temple square together and just hang out... so we did. and it was amazing. i feel like we have known each other for so long and can't wait to spend some more time together this week. what a blessing the gospel is, i know this is no coincidence, we were meant to meet. we are kindred pindred spirits.

so... pinterest, i believe i owe you a big, fat, thank you! ♥

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